Born in the UK with a Jaimacan and Cuban mix of fire and desire all rolled into one. I’m sporty by nature, I enjoy doing circuit training, boot camp and boxng.  I visit the gym at least five times a week, I’m hot tempered and will enjoy looking in to your eyes as you weaken before me. This is exactly how you bring the fantasy to life and get the beat down of your dreams. I’m a curvacous beauty very pleasing on the eyes. I’m sure you have heard the saying ‘everyone needs a bit of Spirit in their lives…’ well thats me! Height: 5' 6" Waist: 27 Weight: 69 KG Hips: 39 Hair: Black Shoe Size: 6 Eyes: Brown Physique: Ahtletic Dress: 12 Age: 39 Bra: 34E Favourite Move: Scissors